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The Exceptional Way

With our delicious and individual creations, Black Stag Deli will pamper you. We work with passion and use only fresh products of first-class quality.

Our street food truck offers you a live cooking station .

Black Stag Deli only works with the best products, everything is freshly purchased and prepared for you. We attach great importance to first-class products and homemade specialities like fermented salami, pates, special German cold cuts and hand made sausages which we produce in our A -Excellent rated kitchen.

Clearly, we love our job. We want you to smile after you have eaten our products.


state of the art food trailer

A Rated Excelent Food Trailer
German Bratwurst
fire salmon
Wood fire bbq
Porchetta or roasted Pork Bellie
green lipped mussels
pork knuckle
roasted free ranged chicken
home made salami